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Friday, July 14, 2017

Spoon Fed by Their Nanny

Venezuelans, why did you choose this? You did, you know. It was you who chose this chaos. You happily gave up all your rights and celebrated the voting in of Hugo Chavez' Marxist regime. In fact, most of you voted for him. Why did you refuse to look at history and see the death and pain that every Marxist regime has ever brought upon its people?

God created humans with a free-will, with a strong creative spirit of self-reliance. You were created for liberty and self-determination, yet you freely chose bondage. Maduro and Chavez follow an evil ideology, but they are not to blame for the pain you suffer, you are. And you still are today, as you protest in the streets demanding the government give you free medicine, free food . . . "Government save us!" is your cry, like babes crying to their nanny to come in and hold them, feed them, and protect them from every scary monster in the closet. You have not yet learned that your government nanny is very cold and cruel and does not care for you at all.

You made this bed and now you have discovered it's impossible to sleep in it. God has the answers, Venezuelans, because your rights come from God, not from government. Socialism brings control and poverty equally to all, but Christ brings freedom. Wake up, Venezuelans! Getting free handouts does not make a strong, independent people; it makes a people that are unable to feed themselves, but, instead, must be spoon fed by their nanny . . . what a sad choice you have made.

photograph: baby being spoon fed, unknown