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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Your Trump Card

Papa God, you did it. You put the man in power that you hand-chose. So many thought it could not be done, forgetting that it's you who decides the fates of nations, who gives and takes away the power of men.

Thank you for your Trump card! Thank you for the hand you played in our country's affairs. Thank you for deciding to put the globalists on "pause" for this next season. You raised up this disrupter, this Cyrus for our modern day, and I am ever thankful to see such mercy showered on us.

Thank you for President Trump, dear Father. My heart is filled with joy to see your hand at play . . . I cannot wait to see the next card that you lay.

Artwork: Trump Card, unknown

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Still He Has a Plan

By candlelight, by lamplight, the words came tumbling out. Holy Spirit rested on the men who wrote them. Line by line, thought after thought, Holy Spirit led their pens and hearts to write.

God hand chose each man for the task, and what a daunting task it was - to found a nation, to write the permanent precepts upon which this nation walks.

For millennia He waited for the moment, the birth to happen, quite excited at the prospect. Like a joyful father who can hardly wait to see his newborn child, every detail He planned out, making sure the birth was not aborted. "It's time!" God roared out across the heavens, and the angels scattered o'er this fledgling land to help.

How God loves this nation! He loved it then, He loves it now, with a love that can't be shaken nor will ever cease . . . and still He has a plan for it.

Artwork: Keeper of the Flame (c) Maureen Thompson