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Monday, May 29, 2017

Princes, Knights, and Kings

Some say they don't exist . . . yet, I know they do.

I have heard them singing loudly, worshipping with heart abandoned. I have watched them weep when Holy Spirit fell upon them. I have seen them working long, hard days to faithfully provide for wife and children. I have admired them as they knelt in earnest prayer, interceding for another. I have noticed them honoring women as fellow members of the royal court who walk in equal giftedness. I have beheld them loving with wild hearts, unafraid to take that love to pubs to streets to distant lands, fearlessly wielding His light against the darkness. I have seen their warrior, fighting selves suddenly turn gentle when a woman's heart is in their hands, treating it as a treasure that needs to be protected.  

I have met such princes, knights, and kings . . . and I know that they exist.

Artwork: Praying Knight, unknown

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