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Friday, May 05, 2017

Fights and Bites

"Stupid, stupid humans! We've done it! We've gots them now, haven'ts we? Right where we wants them? Look at them fights and bites and tear at ones another. Such a sweetsy thing to see!"

"Yes, but not enough. They must destroy each other. Release Chaos in the land. He is very powerful and should do the job."

"Chaos? Ooohhh, Chaos is a nasty ones. Good! Good! We can'ts wait to see Chaos come! Make those stupid humans devour each others. Hee-hee, spits and gnaws and claws! Humans are so easy, easy-peasy to divide. Namesy-calling blind ones. Blind as batsies! See them hates each other!"

"We need to keep them in the dark for Chaos to reign."

"Yes, yes sir, we wills. We will keeps them blind as batsies! Hee-hee, cover their hearts, cover their eyes, no seeing light, no hopes, no truths. We wills!"

Artwork: Dante and Virgil in Hell by William Bouguereau

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