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Monday, April 17, 2017

Who You Are

This is a reminder. You need a reminder. Now and then we all do. When you have forgotten your name we shall remind you who you are. And so now we do:

You are Grace-carrier, extending mercy to those in need.

You are Light-bringer to those who dwell in darkness.

You are Truth-bearer who speaks the words that free men's hearts.

You are Lion-heart who does not cower in the face of fear.

You are Warring-child equipped with weapons that pull down strongholds.

You are Loving-song, worshipper of the most Beloved of them all.

You are New-creation, a citizen of a better city.

And we? We are that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before you. It is we who remind you who you are. The enemy of your soul will not relent; but God is greater. And His plans shall happen in your life. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!!

Artwork: unknown

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