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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Out In the Deep

Are we out in the deep now? No sight of land at all? My . . . a curious position to be in. And on top of that, I see a fog has come, one of those sight-stealing brumes that lurk over the water.

I say, Bravo! . . . I say, well done to push out from the shore into that realm where He alone must be your wind, your sail, even the very current that will guide you to your new land. It took quite a bit of courage to face your fear and do it, choosing to place all you have, and all your hope, into His hands.

Yet, I can see the questions flitting through your mind. Those little 'what ifs' that tenaciously pester trying to find a hold: What if a storm should come? What if land is never found? What if I sink to the bottom of the sea? . . . what if, what if, what if.

Do not be afraid . . . He rules the mist . . . He directs the wind . . . He owns the sea. He will get you there.

Artwork: unknown

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