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Friday, December 29, 2017


Go forth, Israel, and build. Build! Prosper in the land that God gave you. Do not listen to contrary voices - there are many in the world who love you dearly.

Build in Judea, Samaria, and that beautiful Jerusalem, and make it a pleasant place. You are a sovereign nation and so should behave sovereignly. Stand, and let not the leaders of the free world . . . free world? . . . freedom is something hard to find in Britain; freedom is something lost long ago in the EU . . .nevertheless, let not those who lead under the farce of their freedoms bully you into submission.

Brave Israel, you are not alone.

Artwork: Jerusalem by unknown

Monday, December 25, 2017

History Changer

"He is finally here. Such a little thing, isn't he?"
"Yes, he is."
"Will they realize what a gift he is to them?"
"Some will."
"It is incredible to think all the Glory of Himself is in that tiny frame!"
"I know, and that all the government is upon his innocent shoulders."
"Why would God wish to come into the world this way, to become one of them - to feel what they feel and suffer what they suffer? Do they deserve such a compassionate God?"
"Perhaps not. But then it is love that compels him. And this little babe shall show the world who God is . . . and men shall no longer have any excuse."
"He is a history maker!"

"No, he is a history changer." 

Artwork: Little Lamb (c) Jenedy Paige

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

As Brilliantly as Ever

No government or ideology can ever put out that light. Darkness has tried to overpower its seemingly small flame, but has found that it cannot. Communism tried, but failed. Islam wars against it daily, but cannot rip it from the people's hearts. Even ancient Rome lost the long, hard battle that it fought to smother it in hopes that just the stench of ash is all that would remain.

Yet, still it shines as brilliantly as ever . . . and it grows, every moment of the day, across the earth. That is why He came, to shine His light upon every man. It is a light that the darkness shall never overcome, as it spreads from heart to heart to heart, on and on and on . . .

Artwork: Jesus' light, unknown

Saturday, December 09, 2017

His Aim is Chains

Beware of the enslavers in the main stream media and the Social Justice Warriors who are not just at all. Stand strong against their fascist tendencies to pressure and bully and shove us all into their thought corral. They wish to enslave us beneath their dictates. Like little emperors they rally their mob-ish troops to lynch their fellow humans who refuse to bow to them.

Stand strong, dear people. Stand fast against their ruthless sway . . . for their aim is chains. They would like nothing more than to see us beaten down and given in; for so they love to stand above and reign.

God loves liberty. He loves the freedom of thought and conscience that He gave us. He refused to enslave us and force us to follow Him. So stand strong, dear people! The Accuser is working overtime to bring his strife, his dark foment . . . for his aim is chains.

Artwork: Ixion by Ribera

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Great Breaking

"What was that sound?"
"It was the sound of the great Breaking."
"The great Breaking?"
"Yes, another chain has broken, another prisoner set free. We can hear it here."
"Every time?"
"Every time."
"And that's why I hear cheering?"
"Aha, yes! There is nothing like the sound of the great Breaking to get everyone rejoicing."
"Wait, there's another one!"
"O, they happen constantly. Sometimes thousands at one time. It's quite magnificent to hear, a cracking through the heavens like a thunderbolt."
"I never imagined it's a thing . . . to be heard."
"O, yes, there are many things we hear up here, which they cannot hear down there."

Artwork: chain breaking, unknown

Monday, November 27, 2017

Their Eyes Do Not Shine

What is it like to have chaos as your close companion? What is it like to have it whisper in your ear each morning upon rising? . . . persistent . . . never ending . . . cajoling until rage has thoroughly taken all command.

Look at them. Their eyes do not shine. They walk with a dreadful weight upon their frame, a cloud that follows overhead. All the time. Always on the brink of storm. How wearying . . . I am so glad I'm not an antifa!

I pray, Father, you help these ones who scream and hate and hurt, who are tossed violently by every wave like ships without an anchor. Help them, please, for they are not a happy people.  

Photograph: antifa protests, unknown

Saturday, November 04, 2017

He and She

God made her and him . . . God made man and woman, and they fit perfectly together.

He and she. Her and him. Man and woman . . . two genders He created. A biological design within which are rooted our well-being and our wholeness.

Woe to those who try to stray from His design. For on that path there is a tearing of the soul, and pain, the likes of which they have never known; and a great lost-ness that will claw into their heart and drag them down into a whirlwind of darkness.

He and she. Her and him. Since the dawn of time and evermore, as long as XY chromosomes remain XY.

Artwork: Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Frederick Burton

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Here it is, child - your heart made new again. I could not have done it if you had not agreed. I am glad you did. You allowed me to go deeper than I have ever gone before and I have made it golden. What a long journey we have traversed together! Thank you for your trust. Thank you for saying, "Yes."

A strong, loving heart I have restored to you. And now, are you ready for whatever I should bring your way? . . . I think so . . . Yes, I think you are.

Photograph: hand holding heart, unknown

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Your Trump Card

Papa God, you did it. You put the man in power that you hand-chose. So many thought it could not be done, forgetting that it's you who decides the fates of nations, who gives and takes away the power of men.

Thank you for your Trump card! Thank you for the hand you played in our country's affairs. Thank you for deciding to put the globalists on "pause" for this next season. You raised up this disrupter, this Cyrus for our modern day, and I am ever thankful to see such mercy showered on us.

Thank you for President Trump, dear Father. My heart is filled with joy to see your hand at play . . . I cannot wait to see the next card that you lay.

Artwork: Trump Card, unknown

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Still He Has a Plan

By candlelight, by lamplight, the words came tumbling out. Holy Spirit rested on the men who wrote them. Line by line, thought after thought, Holy Spirit led their pens and hearts to write.

God hand chose each man for the task, and what a daunting task it was - to found a nation, to write the permanent precepts upon which this nation walks.

For millennia He waited for the moment, the birth to happen, quite excited at the prospect. Like a joyful father who can hardly wait to see his newborn child, every detail He planned out, making sure the birth was not aborted. "It's time!" God roared out across the heavens, and the angels scattered o'er this fledgling land to help.

How God loves this nation! He loved it then, He loves it now, with a love that can't be shaken nor will ever cease . . . and still He has a plan for it.

Artwork: Keeper of the Flame (c) Maureen Thompson

Monday, May 29, 2017

Princes, Knights, and Kings

Some say they don't exist . . . yet, I know they do.

I have heard them singing loudly, worshipping with heart abandoned. I have watched them weep when Holy Spirit fell upon them. I have seen them working long, hard days to faithfully provide for wife and children. I have admired them as they knelt in earnest prayer, interceding for another. I have noticed them honoring women as fellow members of the royal court who walk in equal giftedness. I have beheld them loving with wild hearts, unafraid to take that love to pubs to streets to distant lands, fearlessly wielding His light against the darkness. I have seen their warrior, fighting selves suddenly turn gentle when a woman's heart is in their hands, treating it as a treasure that needs to be protected.  

I have met such princes, knights, and kings . . . and I know that they exist.

Artwork: Praying Knight, unknown

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Feathers Are a Fortress

I seek it as my shelter. And I recommend the same to any who need shelter. How strange that feathers are a fortress, but so they are. I am delivered from snares when under here . . . and from terror . . . even from destruction that can turn a life into a wasteland.

And here I hope to keep myself, to make it my home, even. Here, under His wings, where He promises it shall always be a refuge . . . covered by feathers . . . the only place in this world that is truly safe.

Artwork: In the Shadow of Your Wings (c) Daniel F. Gerhartz

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Halt the Dark

There is a snake loose in our nation, a twisting serpent spirit that's trying to twist everything President Trump says or does. It is a battle between darkness and light, and we must pray, Church, for the President that we elected. All hell is in a rage. They scream! They scheme! They cannot stand that Trump won this election and God put His chosen man in place.

They pound their fists against the light, enraged the more that they cannot pound it into dust. But they cannot. Pray! Pray hard, Church. Declare the opposite of what you see. Release truth, and peace, and mercy into our land. Pray protection for our President. Pray wisdom to be given him. Pray that God surrounds him with Daniels and with Josephs. Pray especially for his life and that angels surround him to keep him safe from harm. Cry out! For a great battle is upon us and we must stand and halt the dark.

Artwork: unknown

Monday, May 15, 2017

They Now Know a Love

There was a man named Muhammad.

He married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was only 9 and he was 54.

In his day the Middle Eastern tribes worshipped 360 different gods, with Allah, the moon-god, chief among them.

His family worshipped this moon-god, so he created his religion round it.

The symbol for the moon-god was a crescent moon; he took this as the symbol for his new religion.

He decided that this moon-god would be the only god, forcing all tribes to worship it alone.

He was a man of violence who beheaded all who refused to convert or extorted them for protection money.

Mecca was built as a shrine to this moon-god.

And millions of dear muslims have turned away from this moon-god for love of Him - Jesus, the God who is love. Though they are killed or beaten or lose all that they own, they now know a love that is stronger and no fear of a moon-god can hold them.

Artwork: unknown

Monday, May 08, 2017

He is There

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!" Do you hear it, mother-dear?

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!" Shhh, listen very closely. Can you hear his tiny self reaching out to you? He has a soul . . . he has a beating heart. He wishes you to know that he is there.

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!" He hopes to make it out into the world of sun and wind and sky. He wants you to know that, though invisible to you, he is alive. He holds a destiny within his little soul. He is trying, with all his strength, to let you know he has a name. He is not a lump of tissue as some would wish you to believe. He is not a glob of cells to be flushed out.

Close your eyes, quiet your soul, and listen . . . "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!"

Photograph: unknown

Friday, May 05, 2017

Fights and Bites

"Stupid, stupid humans! We've done it! We've gots them now, haven'ts we? Right where we wants them? Look at them fights and bites and tear at ones another. Such a sweetsy thing to see!"

"Yes, but not enough. They must destroy each other. Release Chaos in the land. He is very powerful and should do the job."

"Chaos? Ooohhh, Chaos is a nasty ones. Good! Good! We can'ts wait to see Chaos come! Make those stupid humans devour each others. Hee-hee, spits and gnaws and claws! Humans are so easy, easy-peasy to divide. Namesy-calling blind ones. Blind as batsies! See them hates each other!"

"We need to keep them in the dark for Chaos to reign."

"Yes, yes sir, we wills. We will keeps them blind as batsies! Hee-hee, cover their hearts, cover their eyes, no seeing light, no hopes, no truths. We wills!"

Artwork: Dante and Virgil in Hell by William Bouguereau

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Alive Again!

It's awake. It is, truly! It is breathing again - large, gulping breaths. And to think I believed that dream was dead, never to awaken. But here it is, as pulsing with life as the first moment it landed in my heart.

His Spirit whispered hope into me, so quietly I did not know it. He brought forth life from what was buried in a grave: bones, dry and dead and quite forgotten. And I was surprised to feel a stirring deep within. I was astonished when I recognized its joyful presence.

I thought it was forever dead. Yet here it is, a dream alive again!

Artwork: unknown

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weapons Given to Me

I fight for my children with weapons given to me from heaven - powerful ones, breaker ones, ones that free captives from their prisons.

I fight for the lost with a passion given to me from heaven - a fiery thing, a stubborn thing, a thing so soaked with love that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

I fight for this world with angels who join me from heaven - ministering ones, worship ones, ones who war until the ending of the battle.

I fight and will not stop. Not until all those I know (and those I do not know yet) are delivered from the bonds of death to become children of my loving Father.

Artwork: unknown

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Out In the Deep

Are we out in the deep now? No sight of land at all? My . . . a curious position to be in. And on top of that, I see a fog has come, one of those sight-stealing brumes that lurk over the water.

I say, Bravo! . . . I say, well done to push out from the shore into that realm where He alone must be your wind, your sail, even the very current that will guide you to your new land. It took quite a bit of courage to face your fear and do it, choosing to place all you have, and all your hope, into His hands.

Yet, I can see the questions flitting through your mind. Those little 'what ifs' that tenaciously pester trying to find a hold: What if a storm should come? What if land is never found? What if I sink to the bottom of the sea? . . . what if, what if, what if.

Do not be afraid . . . He rules the mist . . . He directs the wind . . . He owns the sea. He will get you there.

Artwork: unknown

Monday, April 17, 2017

Who You Are

This is a reminder. You need a reminder. Now and then we all do. When you have forgotten your name we shall remind you who you are. And so now we do:

You are Grace-carrier, extending mercy to those in need.

You are Light-bringer to those who dwell in darkness.

You are Truth-bearer who speaks the words that free men's hearts.

You are Lion-heart who does not cower in the face of fear.

You are Warring-child equipped with weapons that pull down strongholds.

You are Loving-song, worshipper of the most Beloved of them all.

You are New-creation, a citizen of a better city.

And we? We are that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before you. It is we who remind you who you are. The enemy of your soul will not relent; but God is greater. And His plans shall happen in your life. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!!

Artwork: unknown

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tomorrow the Sun

Again the sun has risen and the earth is still quietly revolving happily in its course. If ever I boast of anything let it be of how good and great my Father up in heaven is. What a loving God who created this revolving earth! He made it all for us, us small beings who are the apple of His eye.

What made this God of glorious nature fall in love with us? We cannot earn this love, yet it is heaped upon us when we have done nothing but look up and acknowledge Him who gives it freely.

And tomorrow the sun shall rise again . . . and tomorrow His mercy shall be freshly given. I can only shake my head in wonder.

Artwork by George Elgar Hicks