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Friday, November 06, 2015

Son of Joy

Georgian's learned it well. No one laughs and loves quite the way that Georgian Banov does. Show us again, lover of God, show us again how it's done! How do you love so well? You are contagious, son of joy. You are outright crazy with love.

Let me be so crazy! Let me follow in your steps . . . it is a good day to be drunk with joy . . . it is a good day to be rocked by love.

Photograph: Georgian Banov in Africa

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Still I Thirst

I want more. Truly, I want more. Will it cost me? I do not care, for I want more. It is a growing thirst within me - I could drink all day and night and still I thirst. You have done this to me, wrecked me with your love. But it is a good wrecking, a good undoing, a much needed realigning of my soul.

I want more!! Such a thirst within me that I must drink . . . all night long. Jesus, I want more.

Artwork: Living Water © Jessica Oart