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Friday, October 30, 2015

Until the Darkness Has No Place

You can't hold onto it, you know. It wasn't meant for that - it will fade away if you try. I know it is beautiful, quite brilliant, but there is far more where that came from. Did you know it multiplies when you share it? In fact, it doesn't just multiply, it grows - larger and larger until it fills a home, a neighborhood, a city.

His light is not meant to be bottled up or hidden under a basket. It's meant to be set out on a hill, spread through every street, brought into every home, until the darkness has no place to be.

You'd be surprised what one tiny, flittering flame can do; it can start an entire fire. So take off that lid . . . I dare you!

Artwork: (c) Emilia Wilk

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  1. Hide it under a bushel, no, I'm going to let it shine.