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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Not a Cinder-girl

It begins with you, my girl:

If you truly understand your value, how you are treasured by your Papa God, then you will only choose a man who understands the same and who'll treasure you.

If you truly believe you are a holy vessel, one who should be honored and respected, then you will only choose a man who believes the same and who'll honor you.

If you demand to be known, first and foremost, heart and soul and depth of thoughts, then you will only choose a man who wishes to get to know you first before he ever touches you.

If you look in the mirror and truly see a princess of the royal courts of heaven, an heir to the riches of her Father's kingdom - then only a man who sees the same shall be worthy of you and you will make sure that you have no other.

You are not a cinder-girl any longer . . . no, no, you were pulled from the ashes long ago!

Artwork: Cinderella by Valentine Cameron Prinsep

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