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Friday, October 30, 2015

Until the Darkness Has No Place

You can't hold onto it, you know. It wasn't meant for that - it will fade away if you try. I know it is beautiful, quite brilliant, but there is far more where that came from. Did you know it multiplies when you share it? In fact, it doesn't just multiply, it grows - larger and larger until it fills a home, a neighborhood, a city.

His light is not meant to be bottled up or hidden under a basket. It's meant to be set out on a hill, spread through every street, brought into every home, until the darkness has no place to be.

You'd be surprised what one tiny, flittering flame can do; it can start an entire fire. So take off that lid . . . I dare you!

Artwork: (c) Emilia Wilk

Thursday, October 08, 2015

It Is Time

GLORY (it is in the air) . . . GLORY (like a mist over the earth) . . . GLORY (breathe it in) . . . GLORY (angels are declaring, can you hear it?) . . . GLORY (His presence, shattering the gates of hell!) . . . GLORY (it is time, it is a change of season) GLORY (men shall fall before it) . . .GLORY (Glory of the only One, the true God, the everlasting Father . . . and all creation bows, groaning for the sons of God to be revealed)

It is time.

Photograph: tree in sun, unknown

Monday, October 05, 2015

Til You're All Worn Out

You can let go of that old thing, you know. No more tug-of-wars . . . unless you choose it. And why in the world would you? He offers you liberty! Your choice, His power. But . . . you have to be willing to let go, move on, turn a different direction (repent, even).

Think about it. Do you really want that old thing? There are so many better things, joyful things, eternal things that He wishes to give you, now that you're His child. But you must let go of that. Or . . . you could continue fighting with it 'til you're all worn out, for years maybe.

Come on now, just let go.

Artwork: Woman Walking Dog by Edward Robert Hughes

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Not a Cinder-girl

It begins with you, my girl:

If you truly understand your value, how you are treasured by your Papa God, then you will only choose a man who understands the same and who'll treasure you.

If you truly believe you are a holy vessel, one who should be honored and respected, then you will only choose a man who believes the same and who'll honor you.

If you demand to be known, first and foremost, heart and soul and depth of thoughts, then you will only choose a man who wishes to get to know you first before he ever touches you.

If you look in the mirror and truly see a princess of the royal courts of heaven, an heir to the riches of her Father's kingdom - then only a man who sees the same shall be worthy of you and you will make sure that you have no other.

You are not a cinder-girl any longer . . . no, no, you were pulled from the ashes long ago!

Artwork: Cinderella by Valentine Cameron Prinsep