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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Not Just Another Storm

It is about to break . . . you are almost there, almost at the end of this testing place, this trial by storm. Stand strong! Stand fast! Gird up and plant your feet solidly on that rock! This is not the time to allow thoughts to stray or lose your hope.

This is not just about you, and this is not just another storm - this is about His destined plans!!! And this storm is from the enemy of your soul who senses the time is near for you to step across into that higher place for the sake of others that need to see. 

With a longing out of your own heart, he planned to fell you. With a good desire you have hoped upon, he has tried to break your spirit. No greater storm has ever come against you. No harder thing has ever warred against your mind. It has been a sifting time - but you shall make it. Hold on . . . you are almost there . . . it is time for crossing over.

Arwork: My Deliverer (c) Jeanette Sthamaan


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Hi Stacey - This is a very timely and powerful post for me. Surprisingly so, because it is obviously a very personal post for you. And although you say 'you', and it does apply to us, it comes from your heart as 'me'.

    What God gives you there, you are sharing with us. Thank you.

    I had a very vivid dream last week, that the sky was filled with tornados all around, and an enormous one, dark, ominous, and powerful, like one never seen before, almost filling the horizon behind me, was coming to sweep over the earth with destruction. No one was going to be able to hide from it. I awoke with the feeling that I was given a glimpse of the future. There is going to be a titanic spiritual battle in the heavens, and the effects of it are going to plow up and overturn everything here on earth. Our faith will be tested. The foundation of our house will be tested - is it built on the unarticulated, unbroken oneness of the Living Word, or is it built on words, sand.

    Another reason your post is so timely to me, is that for a number of weeks now, God has been showing me that my spiritual growth is not up to me - He is doing it. He is pulling me out of myself and out of my sinfulness, and all He wants for me to do is to relax and trust, and watch what He does... with longing, love, and appreciation. He wants to pull me into that higher place - for the sake of others that need to see - that you mention.

    It is time. Spiritual battle lines are being drawn. We are being called up for service. The bugle is giving the certain cry and we must prepare for battle. Our allegiance and loyalty are about to be tested. It is a time of division. He is the Captain and knows what He is doing. He will use us when and how He will.

    And finally, your post felt like it was written for me, because the enemy HAS come against me through a long-held 'longing out of my own heart'. He came with enticing, entangling and enslaving false promises. But I am learning the lesson that I am to seek comfort and joy in nothing but our Heavenly Father. All else is illusion.

    Thank you for opening your heart and sharing what God is showing you.


    1. Thank you, Bob, for your comment. It is a time of troubles, that's for sure. But I look forward to seeing His glory get brighter and brighter in the midst of it.