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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Not Just Another Storm

It is about to break . . . you are almost there, almost at the end of this testing place, this trial by storm. Stand strong! Stand fast! Gird up and plant your feet solidly on that rock! This is not the time to allow thoughts to stray or lose your hope.

This is not just about you, and this is not just another storm - this is about His destined plans!!! And this storm is from the enemy of your soul who senses the time is near for you to step across into that higher place for the sake of others that need to see. 

With a longing out of your own heart, he planned to fell you. With a good desire you have hoped upon, he has tried to break your spirit. No greater storm has ever come against you. No harder thing has ever warred against your mind. It has been a sifting time - but you shall make it. Hold on . . . you are almost there . . . it is time for crossing over.

Arwork: My Deliverer (c) Jeanette Sthamaan