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Thursday, June 04, 2015


Keep my head above the water, for I cannot swim. And at this moment I cannot walk upon it either. I swear that I am sinking! Reach down here in this torrent, pull me out. Reach down here, find my hand! For in my thrashing, I cannot see your hand to grab it!

You promised me the flood would never overwhelm . . . I must believe your words. You do not lie. I must relax . . . hold out my hand . . . and simply breathe . . . slowly, in and out . . . breathe in your Spirit, focus on the rhythm till it's quiet . . . breathe again . . . just breathe . .

. . . and there you are. I see your lovely self. I see your strong and gentle hand. I am safe again. How foolish that I thought I wasn't. You said that we are chasing down the fear - well, I think I found it!

Artwork: Take My Hand and Have Faith by unknown

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