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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Justice Comes

I hear that voice! I hear Him shouting through the heavens. My Captain He is come. God of the Angel Armies!

"JUSTICE!" I hear the shout. "JUSTICE!" again, it roars. "Justice comes to those who wait for my deliverance. My hand is not so short it cannot save! I say, NO MORE! I have come, you hosts of hell, and I defend my child from your evil onslaught. I bring Justice with me - I am my child's ever-present help! . . . ENOUGH! . . . I drive you into darkness! It is with me you now contend for into my arms my child ran."

And then a tremor in the air - the hosts of heaven round about. A battle's here, a battle's come, a battle I no longer need to fight. How wonderful is the Captain of the Hosts of heaven. How lovely is that Lion.

Artwork: Lion with Justice by unknown

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