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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

An Old Familiar Fear

"Are you here, God?"

"Yes, child, I am here."

"How did I find myself again in this dark wood? I thought it was not the season for it."

"It is not. It is supposed to be the season of all-things-restored, not old dark paths again."

"Then how is it I find myself here? It is a grievous place."

"You were led here, child."

"By you?"

"No, not by me . . . It was an old familiar fear that led you here, led you into loss. And you listened to its voice, dear one."

"I did listen, didn't I? I did not mean to! I tried so hard to stop my ears and push its voice away. But it overwhelmed me, and now I find myself in this dark wood again! . . . Oh, Papa God, what now?"

"I think that it is time to go after that old familiar fear, don't you?"

"Yes. With all my heart I wish to run it through and NEVER hear its voice again!"

"Exactly what I was thinking . . . do not worry; I will lead you out of here and you will not return again . . . but first, let's begin the chase!"

Artwork: unknown

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