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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Far Bigger Still

"This big?"
"No, far bigger."
"Oh, no, far bigger still. Your arms could not spread wide enough to reach the largeness of the dreams He has for you."
"Really? - What if I stretched my arms to touch the mountains?"
"It still could never be wild enough or big enough or difficult enough to exhaust His ability."
"And He truly wants me to dream that big? Don't I need to fear dreaming too big?"
"Hahahahahahahaha . . . no human has ever dreamt TOO big for God! Child, dream large . . . larger still . . . larger than you ever dared. He likes it, you know."
"He does?"
"Oh, yes, He gets quite a kick out of His children who believe hugely. You could never ask or think bigger than He can do. So few even try, though."
"Then I shall be one who tries!"

Photograph: by unknown

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  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Big dreams, with big unshakable faith, will win spiritual battles, move mountains, change the world, awaken people... and is what God is looking for... through which to do all that.

    Bob [a reader]