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Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Only Way Through

"There is the gate."
"Him? He is a person, not a gate."
"No, that is the gate."
"But a gate is what one 'goes' through."
"Yes, and they must go through Him."
"They might walk around Him. He is only one person, after all; not very wide."
"They might try. But He is the passage, the Way through. There is no other entry."
"Well, if He is the only way through, that makes for a pretty narrow gate."
"It does. And it is . . . narrow, that is."
"Not everyone shall like the idea of going through Him. They shall try all manner of ways to enter."
"They shall; in fact, many shall. But . . . there is only one gate . . . and it is Him."

Artwork: Coming Glory by Mareesha D.S.


  1. Anonymous3:59 AM

    The only essential Truth we need has never been more beautifully put.

    Thank you, Bob (a new reader)

  2. Thank you, Bob. I enjoy finding new ways of saying things.