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Sunday, April 20, 2014

All Hell Tried

He could not do it. Oh, he tried, alright. He tried and all hell tried with him. But to no avail . . . that third day came. THAT THIRD DAY CAME!!

It was quite a surprise, I'm sure; a terrifying surprise to him and all his cohorts in that other realm. They cried and whined and sniveled and screamed their rage, "What is this? We had him! We defeated him! We took his life and buried him!"

But then . . . that third day came. And they have been in a rage ever since.

Artwork: unknown

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Only Way Through

"There is the gate."
"Him? He is a person, not a gate."
"No, that is the gate."
"But a gate is what one 'goes' through."
"Yes, and they must go through Him."
"They might walk around Him. He is only one person, after all; not very wide."
"They might try. But He is the passage, the Way through. There is no other entry."
"Well, if He is the only way through, that makes for a pretty narrow gate."
"It does. And it is . . . narrow, that is."
"Not everyone shall like the idea of going through Him. They shall try all manner of ways to enter."
"They shall; in fact, many shall. But . . . there is only one gate . . . and it is Him."

Artwork: Coming Glory by Mareesha D.S.