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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Written On Your Palm

I am a small one kneeling in the dirt, my God, my lovely Father. Yet I am someone you cannot forget - for so you said. You said my name is written on your palm and forever you'd remember who I am.

Small but memorable to you and imprinted on your hand. Such love I cannot help but offer back. Let all the world hear me shout: Such a God are you - So fierce! So shatteringly beautiful! An all-consuming fire that is merciful and kind! You are unlike any that has ever been, is now, or shall ever come to be.

And here I am, kneeling in the dirt, a small one who shall never be forgotten.

Artwork: I Yield My Heart to You © James Nesbit

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On That Cliff's Edge

No fear, dear one? Not anymore? And yet, nothing has changed - you are still on that cliff's edge, just as near to falling as you were before; and still there lies a precipice below and nothing but thin air in front. So good to see you figured it out.

It took awhile, but somewhere between the shudderings and leaf-like quakings and startled-eyed glances over the rim and down . . . somewhere in the middle of it all you lifted up your head. And He who made you, made that cliff, and made your path lead to its edge, was waiting for that moment all along.

This is how rays of hope come!

Artwork: Mary's Hope © Duncan Long

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Far Bigger Still

"This big?"
"No, far bigger."
"Oh, no, far bigger still. Your arms could not spread wide enough to reach the largeness of the dreams He has for you."
"Really? - What if I stretched my arms to touch the mountains?"
"It still could never be wild enough or big enough or difficult enough to exhaust His ability."
"And He truly wants me to dream that big? Don't I need to fear dreaming too big?"
"Hahahahahahahaha . . . no human has ever dreamt TOO big for God! Child, dream large . . . larger still . . . larger than you ever dared. He likes it, you know."
"He does?"
"Oh, yes, He gets quite a kick out of His children who believe hugely. You could never ask or think bigger than He can do. So few even try, though."
"Then I shall be one who tries!"

Photograph: by unknown

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sleep For Now

I am praying for you strong one, little warrior one. I am praying that you make it all the way into this wide, strange world . . . safe. I am hoping that you will learn to sing your song and follow the beat of your own drummer. I am hoping beyond hope that you will not become a stat . . . a cold statistic, one of millions, of all the little warriors who did not win their fight.

Shh, sleep for now and do not worry your sweet heart about it - for I am praying for you. Tens of thousands of us are. We will not stop our speaking, writing, praying, standing along sidewalks on cold mornings hoping to help all those mothers-dear who do not know they have a little warrior down inside them.

Photograph: Fetus in womb, unknown

Friday, July 25, 2014

They Think Themselves a Giant

They think themselves a giant. They think that you are small. They think that they will feed you to the birds - or ruin you with rockets.

They brag of your demise, believing that their sword is very large and stronger than your pebbles. They taunt and roar with much ado and drama (because the world is watching, don't you know, and Hamas must keep it watching.)

It is not the first time, dear Israel, that you faced a giant . . . and we all know how that story ended.

Artwork: David and Goliath by unknown

Friday, July 18, 2014

Worth the Drinking

I found something worth the drinking. Ha! I found a good strong tonic that does my heart good. And a funny thing is there are some in the church who do not even believe it exists - they have NEVER drunk it (so sorry for them). And some who have heard of it will not touch "the stuff".  

It has a name, though they do not like to speak of it, thus I shall whisper it here so as not to bring too much offense (new wine). Have you heard of it before?

It is completely different from the old stuff - fresh, bursting with flavor, very potent. And I find myself a bit tipsy on the joy it brings. All I can say is . . . GIVE ME MORE!

Artwork: New Wine by unknown

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Strong Grip

He won't, you know. He never has. Not since the first moment that you called His name and believed. He has never let go of you - and He never will.

Oh, I can guarantee that you will; at least a few times in this journey. You will let go of him, fail Him, falter in some way; but He holds on. That is the only reason any of us ever make it to the end, for the sake of His strong grip.

You cannot be snatched from His hand. Not stolen. Not lost. Even if you were to sink down into a miry pit, Father's hand would find you there and pull you out . . . now that is true security. 

Artwork: Cast Your Cares - unknown

Sunday, April 20, 2014

All Hell Tried

He could not do it. Oh, he tried, alright. He tried and all hell tried with him. But to no avail . . . that third day came. THAT THIRD DAY CAME!!

It was quite a surprise, I'm sure; a terrifying surprise to him and all his cohorts in that other realm. They cried and whined and sniveled and screamed their rage, "What is this? We had him! We defeated him! We took his life and buried him!"

But then . . . that third day came. And they have been in a rage ever since.

Artwork: unknown

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Only Way Through

"There is the gate."
"Him? He is a person, not a gate."
"No, that is the gate."
"But a gate is what one 'goes' through."
"Yes, and they must go through Him."
"They might walk around Him. He is only one person, after all; not very wide."
"They might try. But He is the passage, the Way through. There is no other entry."
"Well, if He is the only way through, that makes for a pretty narrow gate."
"It does. And it is . . . narrow, that is."
"Not everyone shall like the idea of going through Him. They shall try all manner of ways to enter."
"They shall; in fact, many shall. But . . . there is only one gate . . . and it is Him."

Artwork: Coming Glory by Mareesha D.S.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

This Rain Floods

It rained down again this morning. It soaked me to the core and washed away all of yesterday. And when it did I felt the lightness spring into my step again. 

Sweet, cleansing, a new beginning even - I cannot get enough of this daily downspout. "Let it rain!!" I cry up to the heavens as I dance beneath the shower. "Let your mercies rain and never stop!" 

Down it plunges from the heavens. Down it floods anew each morning till heart is tender, clean, and ready for another day. Dear Papa in the heavens . . . your mercy I shall always need.

Artwork: Dance in the Storm © Christine Council