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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gotten Themselves into a Muddle

Oh, it's moving quickly now, plowing down the road in lightening speed. Far quicker than A&E ever intended. They bit hard and quick, thinking the bite would straighten him out, put him in line, punish him just enough to back him in a corner. But it took off, with their teeth desperately imbedded, and them not being able to free themselves. Poor A&E. Now they have gotten themselves into a muddle.

They did not know how to handle it: Another voice has dared to speak; another soul has refused to bow to the media's thought police.

And I say - WELL DONE! Well done, Phil Robertson, for speaking truth and answering those simple questions as straightforward as you did. No hemming or hawing from you. No cowering or worrying who thinks what about you . . . refreshing . . . encouraging . . . wonderful to see that there are those who do not bend with fear before that vocal crowd who have a tendency to call evil good - and who try to punish those who refuse to do the same.

Millions of us stand behind you, without a platform, without that clarion vantage that you have to speak and have it broadcast for the world to hear. Thank you, Phil Robertson. Your voice means much to us! . . . Poor A&E. Let's see how you get your teeth out of this one.

Artwork: (c) Peter Bay Alexandersen

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