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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Place of Graves

The gate is wide. The gate is tall and stately . . . and intimidating. As well it should be! (say those who enter through it) For there beyond lies a most sacred place with which we pride ourselves in its clean, and orderly, and necessarily structured confines that make us feel so duly holy, so right before our God, so happy we can come here with other like-minded fellows and enjoy the reverent company.

But . . . it is a place of graves, isn't it? (They do not hear me) Excuse me! It is a place for dead people, is it not?

As I peek in I see the tombs - white-washed and very pretty. Rows and rows of them. I see the burdens on the backs of those who walk within . . . no, I do not think that I shall enter in.

Artwork: Cemetery at Dusk by Caspar Friedrich

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