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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Slithered his Way

Defend the good, Elisa Chan! Defend the right to think and speak aloud your thoughts as God has led you! For you see, the enemy is about. The enemy of He who is Truth itself has slithered his way into this country—fully invited to come. Fully invited by those who love the darkness more than light.

And in homes he has quietly taken up roost. And in government buildings he is happily nestled. And around the media he has wrapped his coils—in hopes to strangle voices such as yours, Councilwoman Chan.

Be brave!—though foul words will be spat at you. Be fearless!—though they will try to ruin you. Remember, the Beloved of the Heavens stands with you and has given you a strong and solid conscience to help guide you. They may call evil good, but God does not . . . it is that snake who does.

Artwork: Danger on the Stairs © Pierre Roy   

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Out of That Dark Hold

There you are. So many prayed for you to do it. You found the key that leads you into freedom and, though liberty feels strange after being captive for so long, I promise it's a good thing.

It was lies that held you, and now—it is truth that sets you free. What joy it is to see you stepping out of that dark hold (though, granted, with timidity at first). The enemy of God, and so the enemy of you, tried so hard to keep you there, tried by every tool to keep you believing in the lies . . . and thus, keep you locked away from light and life and all that you were meant to have. 
No more. Hah! Christ wins again.

Artwork: The Keys by Edward Blair Leighton