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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pounded Down With Nails

Every sin . . . what weight it must have been. Every sin. Not just sin from one or two. Not just sin from tens of hundreds, but the sins of all humanity throughout the history of the earth were laid upon him. A world’s weight set upon his frame and pounded down with nails.

What sheer breadth and height it would have measured (if sin could possibly be measured thus): Homosexuality, pornography, hatred, murder, lies, rebellion . . . countless sins in every shape and form as can be imagined in the heart of man.

And at that moment of the laying of our sins upon him . . . God's wrath was satisfied. The payment for our souls was made. Someone had to pay the penalty, and only he, who had no sin, could do it.

Artwork: Nailed to the Cross, unknown

Monday, July 29, 2013


Thump-thump . . . thump-thump . . . thump-thump . . . I hear it. It sets my heart at peace. I hear it in this shadowed place. Steady. Strong. Unlike any other sound.

It breaks through fear. It restores calm. It makes the world’s noise disappear. It soothes my agitation and brings rest.

It is God’s heartbeat. And only those who have found their refuge underneath his wings have ever heard it.

Yes, truly it is unlike any other sound.

Artwork: wings, unknown