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Friday, April 26, 2013

He says

He says that you are not alive. He says your tiny beating heart does not a person make. He says that those who wish to protect your tiny self are living in the past . . . are oppressive . . . even evil.

He declares that he is friend and ally to those who wish to end your life—in fact, he shall help them take it, as he trumpets himself the hero of those who do the taking.

Who is this orator sublime who gilds death with glittering platitudes, as he smiles and speaks of you, small growing one, as if you have no right to live, no right to stretch and grow and sing your song that God alone did give you?

Who is he that dares to raise his fist against your little life? . . . He calls himself President Obama.

Photograph: fetus at 12 weeks, unknown 

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