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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aiming At Its Heart

There it is! Are you aiming at its heart? Are you certain you can down it? You must be certain ere the arrow flies, before it skims across the air . . . less it misses. For if it should miss then you would have a beast to reckon with.

And not just any beast, but this beast: The one that would like nothing else but to devour you. That is why it skulks amongst the shadows as it does. That is why it trails behind with nose to ground to keep upon your heels. It loves your fear. It feeds upon it, so it must stir it up or else its belly would be empty.

But now you have it in your sights. Go on! God will give a steady hand. Now is not the time to fear!—now is the time to breathe, slow and deep, and aim true.

Artwork: The Outlaws of Sherwood © Robert Hunt

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