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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Other Battle

Do not stop. No matter what they say, do not give in. Bow your knee to Him you know is truth no matter where the battle comes from. And if it comes from the Pentagon, itself? Do not stop!

Be brave, for you are not alone. Be strong, for we are praying for you. They say your bended knee is a national threat to our security. Ha! Keep bowing, soldiers all, keep loving, keep sharing the comfort of your Christ . . . and never stop.

And if they call it treason? Have no fear, for Jesus was called traitor, too. Only cling to truth and faith and keep speaking to all who have the ears to hear. For many shall be brought into the kingdom because of this other battle that you fight—a battle that has eternal consequence.

Photograph: soldiers praying, unknown

Friday, April 26, 2013

He says

He says that you are not alive. He says your tiny beating heart does not a person make. He says that those who wish to protect your tiny self are living in the past . . . are oppressive . . . even evil.

He declares that he is friend and ally to those who wish to end your life—in fact, he shall help them take it, as he trumpets himself the hero of those who do the taking.

Who is this orator sublime who gilds death with glittering platitudes, as he smiles and speaks of you, small growing one, as if you have no right to live, no right to stretch and grow and sing your song that God alone did give you?

Who is he that dares to raise his fist against your little life? . . . He calls himself President Obama.

Photograph: fetus at 12 weeks, unknown 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Child Does

"Who carries the light?" I heard the rapid fire questions whispered in the night. “Who carries the light? Who carries the light?"

A child does. A child carries the light.

"A child does? How can a child carry the light? A child is small. A child is simple. And THIS light is very important! THIS light is full of glory and weight and power."

Did you not know? . . . He chose the simple to confound the wise.

Artwork: Ethan’s Lantern © Morgan Weistling

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aiming At Its Heart

There it is! Are you aiming at its heart? Are you certain you can down it? You must be certain ere the arrow flies, before it skims across the air . . . less it misses. For if it should miss then you would have a beast to reckon with.

And not just any beast, but this beast: The one that would like nothing else but to devour you. That is why it skulks amongst the shadows as it does. That is why it trails behind with nose to ground to keep upon your heels. It loves your fear. It feeds upon it, so it must stir it up or else its belly would be empty.

But now you have it in your sights. Go on! God will give a steady hand. Now is not the time to fear!—now is the time to breathe, slow and deep, and aim true.

Artwork: The Outlaws of Sherwood © Robert Hunt

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Words to Steal Hope

Do not be surprised by it. Do not be caught off guard if you should hear that voice. Even He Himself once heard it. Even He, the Dearest of them all, was pressed beneath the dead weight of it.

It fell upon Him sorely: cold and heavy like a rock beneath the ice. It tried to break Him. It whispered in His ear (and so will do in your’s); it whispered words to steal hope away. It jeered when He was in the garden. It mocked whilst He was on the cross. It howled with sheer delight at His final breath.

But then He rose—and vanquished that dark voice forever!! . . . remember that when you should hear it next.

Artwork: Temptation of Christ © Eric Armusik