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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Pauper No Longer

I am learning. It has been hard to learn this truth, for the world and circumstance and the enemy of our souls all work together to keep it from us. But I’ve been learning . . . yes, I have.

I have been learning a truth that has changed my life, my views, my interactions with others, and my love for my dearest Father God. What truth! What long lost revelation that has begun to free me, inspire me, and help me walk a higher walk.

And so the truth is this: . . . I am royalty. Because of Christ and his death upon the cross I have been adopted into a royal family. Hah! I am a pauper no longer. I AM ROYALTY!!!

 . . . and I am learning to behave as such.

 Artwork: Night by Edward Robert Hughes

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