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Monday, November 19, 2012

Stirs to Wake

I breathe. I breathe in deep . . . it’s like the wind . . . it’s like a fragrance that stirs to wake.

Oh, yes, that is Him. I know Him well. I know His scent. It smells like life!

And this fresh breeze that I so love to linger in, and breathe in deep, and smile at as it blows about me, is something that I cannot live without . . . His presence.

Artwork: Desert Wind © Rob Chiu

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stuff Falling Off

Welcome to the family! Did you know that you are now a royal child? Your father is a King (the King of kings) and you shall learn his ways, now that you have been adopted into this large clan of his.

Oh, we can be a noisy bunch - we love to laugh! And you will find all sorts of stuff falling off you that you did not even realize you carried . . . burdens, that is. Ailments and griefs of various kinds. Baggage and trappings that never served you very well after all.

O-ho! Yes, welcome to the family. Such a good thing that you are here at last!

Artwork: Set Free © Deborah Nell