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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Most Fierce Opponent

God did not make you so. You were not born for such a life. It was your choice.

Your conscience tried to stop you in it—for many years that precious gift within you, given by a loving God, tried to stop you from this course. But you would not listen to it. You entertained the thoughts, and when thoughts are entertained for years, they grow in strength till a stronghold grips the mind that is not broken easily.

And when finally you had killed that God-imprinted conscience, put it sound to sleep, you stepped into that homosexual bond that is a false substitute for what the wounds within are really needing.

It is not Christians that have warred against you—it is that truest friend, yet most fierce opponent of them all . . . your conscience.

Artwork: Nature by Arild Rosenkrantz

Friday, October 12, 2012

Child-like Clean

Are you surprised at how it feels, dear one? Are you surprised at the lightness of it? The washed-in-fresh-water sensation of it?

Now you know the power of His blood. Now you know how well it washes clean till all the grime of sin is gone and like a child the innocence is back.

Child-like faith, child-like hope, child-like clean again! And to think that you did not believe in second chances . . . well, you were wrong.

Artwork: Evening by Maxfield Parrish

Monday, October 08, 2012

Thousands of Glorious Cheers

Three cheers for Iceland! Or rather thousands of glorious cheers.

Iceland imprisoned its bankers. Iceland put its people first. Iceland refused to save the banks and it allowed them to fail! Hooray for such a courageous folk!

And what of Iceland now? Iceland’s economy is growing fast; faster than the U.S. and Europe. The government created better banks and forgave the people much of their debt. The brave, fighting folk of the cold north are wise, with wiser leaders than we have in the United States.

Remember us, Iceland, as we begin our fight . . . for we shall remember you and your great victory and it shall help us in our own dark night. 

Photograph: unknown