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Friday, September 21, 2012

Left to Fight Alone

Gather them up, sweet little souls each one. Gather them up and heaven-bound we go. Cloak is full and, still, there are more to gather in. Millions more!

There is a war against your small sweet lives; there is a war because you have an enemy who hates you.
Abused, abandoned, trafficked, murdered in your mothers’ bellies even—a thousand different ways you have been harmed across this wide earth, because of why? Because satan is afraid of you. Because satan hates the One who has created you. Because you might possibly become a follower of Him who is beloved above all. And if you did, the light in you would be far more powerful than the darkness in this world.

But mothers and fathers have been blinded to this war . . . so you are left to fight alone.

Artwork: Field of the Slain by De Morgan