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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Right to Speak

So, Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-a has a mind of his own? Has a conscience alive and well to which he answers to? Believes in a loving God who has placed marriage solely in a covenant between a man and a woman?

Oh, dear. What horror! How dare he love a wondrous God who loves him dearly back and thus he wants to think like Him and live with a mind renewed and a lifestyle that reflects His righteousness.

How dare Dan Cathy show the courage to speak what he believes, loud and clear, for all to hear. Insupportable! Insufferable! Not to be tolerated (say those who speak of tolerance the loudest!) This is America! No man shall EVER have the right to speak his mind.

Dan Cathy . . . I applaud you for it!

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  1. Anonymous1:21 AM

    God is perfect. Dan Cathy is not. He is an image, not a replication and so are you. In an attempt to "think like god" really it seems you're attempting to live the interpretation of Gods will written by another man. You miss at living Gods will when instead of loving your neighbor you see them as different and wrong when they miss at living as you choose to. With love comes allowance and surrender. Dan Cathy shared this misinterpretation with the world.

    I do not believe that people are upset that Dan Cathy shared his beliefs but he feels others unlike him should not have the same rights.

    It's funny. You, as a woman, a mother even, supports elitism.

  2. Thank you, anonymous, for your comment. I'd like to reply to a couple things you said.

    I believe you are referring to the bible when you speak of living God's will according to the interpretation of men. The bible is one means by which God communicates His will to us, but the Holy Spirit is needed to give us understanding of the bible and of God. Without the Spirit of God it is impossible to understand either. The Spirit comes to live inside of us when we give our lives to Christ, and he transforms our minds and hearts so that we desire what He desires.

    Dan Cathy has not shared a misinterpretation, he shares what the Holy Spirit has put upon his heart and taught him and what God's word has taught him. Because people in the world do not have the Holy Spirit living in them, they do not understand what Dan Cathy believes. And because people are by nature, rebellious, we can have a tendency to not want anyone to tell us that there is a better way to live than what we have chosen.

    God placed sex within the confines of a marriage because it is so sacred and beautiful and He wanted to protect it, and marriage was created for a man and a woman because only a man and a woman can become one-flesh. It is spiritually and physically impossible for two people of the same sex to become one-flesh.

    Dan Cathy has the right to speak his beliefs, though there are many who do not wish to hear it because their own conscience berates them and tells them they are living wrongly. That's because God created the conscience and He imprinted His laws on that conscience. Homosexuals do not suffer from guilt because of the people around them, they suffer from guilt because their own conscience, that God gave them, convicts them of their wrong-doing. The one who lives that life and no longer suffers from their conscience is the one who has finally killed his conscience so that it no longer speaks to him.