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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Human Strength

“It is finally happening!”
“Yes, it is.”
“He looks very strong.”
“He is. But not strong enough to break his chains.”
“Ah, yes, the chains. They all have them.”
“They do. And in their human strength some can carry them for a very long time.”
“This one has a praying mother, doesn't he?”
“Oh, yes. And since he was in her womb she has never stopped interceding for him.”
“Does he know what brought him to this place?”
“Not completely; but he will. It’s enough for now that he is here.”
“This is exciting! I’ve never seen it happen. You know, actually been here at the moment. So now, when do the chains actually fall?”
“Any moment now, you will see . . . shh, listen . . . he is doing it. He’s asking Christ into his heart.”

Photograph: Man in Chains, unknown

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I relate this to an awakening. So beautiful! And yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to be there exactly when the chains are released and fall. Such a lovely post. Thank you.