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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Clinging To it Bravely

You’re doing well, dear friend. You’ve not fallen yet—and you won’t, for the Lord is able to keep you standing. Their weapons formed against you will not prosper, not even their words. Though they should come at you from every side when you feel weakest—hold fast just as you are doing!

You know the secret, for I see you clinging to it bravely. And though I see you are alarmed . . . don’t be. Christ before, Christ behind, Christ below, and Christ above—so you are surrounded by the refuge that He is. Don’t forget. Remind your soul constantly: In this darkening world you are not alone.

. . . and you have an enemy who hates that truth.

Artwork: © Tristan Elwell

A Basket Full of Lovelies

My basket’s getting full—almost over-flowing-full. I’ve been told that I can pick whatever I see, whatever fair and fragrant thing my eye should set upon. I’ve been told that it’s okay to pick these things because He’s given them to me. And He’s given me the eyes to see them.

Oh, there have been some who’ve tried to dissuade me of doing this. But I am stubborn. I believe that time in my garden with Him is never wasted. And I do my best to not pick bitter thorns. Bitter thorns are not what God intends for us.

NO to thorns and weeds and strangling vines, ALL of them! He has planted things in my garden . . . and watered . . . and weeded regularly (sometimes painfully), but always with the intent to reap a basket full of lovelies.

Artwork: Betty’s Posy Shop by Jessie Wilcox-Smith