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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pain That Claws

They weep for children lost, for bairns that were not allowed one breath of sun-filled air. They weep profusely now—but then? Then, with understanding darkened, it was they who chose the knife. It was they who chose to end the life within that held such promise . . . but now they weep.

No one told them that such pain awaited them, pain that claws into the soul. No one told them of the consequence that comes when mothers-dear end the life that they were meant to nurture. But it comes. It always comes eventually. Their conscience will not have it any other way.

If only they'd been told the truth.

Artwork: Rachel Weeping For Her Children © Stephen Gjertson

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Love Came Down

Love came down. Not in the way many believed it should look like. But love came down in the midst of men and took the sins that all of us are guilty of, upon Himself.

Love was bruised. And it was love that spread His arms in quiet submission and took the nails. And then love did something that no one else could ever do—He rose up from the grave and conquered death forever.

Such love is very powerful. Such love is worth giving up all for. Islam, Buddhism, Ba-haiism, Hinduism . . . none of these could ever offer such love as this. I, for one, am a soul that has been undone by it.

Artwork: Allegory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ © Patrick Devonas

I Heard it Laugh

I thought it was a sheep. I did. I thought it was a gentle, loving sheep . . . until I heard it laugh. And then I knew—it was a wolf.

Only wolves can laugh like that: A derisive, shallow, gloating kind of sound. It stood tall over the broken creature that was curled up beneath it and it laughed.

The laugh is what gave it away, for a sheep could never laugh over a wounded one. A sheep has too loving of a heart. The sound grieved my heart for I knew from what pit the laugh had come. And I knew what influence the wolf was under.

And when the wolf laughed, I heard the darkest sound. I heard the sound of all hell laughing with it.

Artwork: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by artist unknown