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Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Angels

We are the object of your affection. Not angels. Not animals. Not all the stars. Not even earth with all its varied beauty. But we are whom you’ve chosen to lavish love upon.

You, the infinite God of the universe have set your infinite love and desire on one thing . . . mankind. Outside of yourself, you have chosen humanity as the greatest source of your pleasure.

And further still, you gave your own son to make a way for us to have relationship. You wanted us that much! . . . my Glorious One, I am left speechless
Artwork: Triumph of Light by Matsch

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bright With Life

“Look at all of them!”
“They shine very lovely, don’t you think?”
“They’re amazing. I never knew that words of life were so . . . so bright with life.”
“Quick, look now!”
“Ahhh, she’s speaking forth a new one. And what exactly is it?”
“It’s a declaration of What is Not as if it Were.”
“And can they really change so much? They are so—simple after all.”
“Very much, in fact.”
“Then why do they not all do it?”
“For they’ve not all learned. Some don’t believe that such a little act can be important.”
“Well, I think this one shall never stop.”
“Yes, once they learn they get quite excited at the results.”
“You know, if they all did it, those life-lit words might just fill the earth.”
“That is the intended result. He means for them to fill the earth . . . and transform everything.”

Artwork: Little Girl Sitting in Field with Fireflies © Mike Elliott

Just Walk

So you made it out the door. That’s a start—But what next? Will you stand there forever, staring out across that flat plain because you are hesitant to take a step out into a wide place? No, that isn’t you. I know you and I know that is not who you are made to be.

You are not timid. You have His power dwelling in you. You have ALL of heaven backing you up. You have an army of angels walking with you. You told me those very same things once.

So now, take a deep breath. One. Two. Three. . . . and just walk. Everything happens after that first step.

Artwork: © Glenn Harrington

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your Father's Rage

Dear angry one,

I see your father’s shadow standing there behind you, a figment of the past that haunts. I see what he has given you each time the anger rises up and twists your face into a mask that’s dark. It is inherited, you see.

When just a child you received the brunt of all your father’s rage. Not right. Not love. Not anything remotely like our heavenly Father’s heart. And you are bound to it yet still; for every time a wound is touched the anger burns within your eyes and comes screaming out in words that shock.

But there is hope. Jesus, fierce lion-lamb, can set you free from the prison that your father placed you in . . . Forgiveness is the key He uses.

Artwork: © Robert Hunt

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pulling Heaven Down

I feel it . . . I feel it in the air . . . Whoo-hoo!

It’s a wonderful thing when heaven touches earth. It’s exciting to see the change—to even feel it. Holy Spirit blows it in . . . from where? I do not know. From wherever God keeps the winds all stored up, I suppose. Heaven is invading earth through those He calls His children—the adopted ones—the ones who call upon His name and love Him dearly.

I’m pulling it down. Right here. Right where I stand. I’m pulling heaven down! . . . And tranformation, healing, love, and life and all that is in heaven is being pulled down with it.

Artwork: Undine in the Wind by Arthur Rackham

Little Lambs Behind You

Little lamb, do you not know what influence you have had? You think—“I have no influence on any. I have led a quiet life.”—but you do not realize the ones that you have touched. Those seeds that you have planted in hearts along the way have been slowly growing. And little have you known it.

But look! Here they come. One here; one there; they each remember, you know. They remember words you’ve spoken and quiet deeds you’ve done, and through the years the seeds have grown and they’re now thirsty for the water that brings life. And you have led them to it.

Here come more little lambs behind you!

Before His Glorious Self

And there my hero stands—brave, true, and strong. He stands against the evil one, against all that evil brings with a grace and power that destroys darkness. Yes! That’s the one I bow to. That’s the one I shout about.

JESUS!!! . . . I shout out that name and feel the reverberations through the air. What goodness. What awesome power. What beauty in His spirit. No one can stand against Him. Evil is cast down before His Glorious self.

He is my hero! I shall worship Him with my dying breath.

Artwork: Denying Satan by Carl Heinrich Bloch