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Monday, January 16, 2012

It Gushes

It gushes. It spills over. It cascades down around me like laughter. And now that I’ve discovered who I am, it will not stop—Ever!

I am a prosperous soul. All things belong to me for I belong to Christ. And as I watch heaven pouring out around me, whatever I can see is mine; for there is no lack in heaven. Not one tiny bit. And since heaven flows freely through a prosperous soul, then there is no lack for me.

The waters are wild . . . the abundance is rushing . . . and I? I cannot help but smile at such a joyful revelation: He has given me ALL things!

Artwork: Deep Woods Moonlight by Maxfield Parrish

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It Looked Like a Strong House

I saw a house get washed away. It looked like a strong house. It looked like it should have stood through any storm--but no, it got washed away when the rains fell hard and the wind beat down.

I think it was not built right. I think that someone built it on the sand, someone not too wise, and sand is not a sturdy place to build. But perhaps they didn't know. Perhaps they thought that if they built the walls from stone then the foundation didn't matter . . . Until, of course, the rains came.

If only they had built that house upon a rock--it might still be standing.

Artwork: Homesick (c) Samy Charnine

That Little Flame

"What is that?"
"Right there. What is that little flame that she is setting down?"
"Oh--that is hope."
"Yes, a persistent hope."
"And who is that, the one lying down behind it?"
"That is one in need of hope."
"And who sent this hope?"
"He did--the One who loves her more than any other."
"But is that little flame enough? She seems so . . . so downcast."
"Oh, yes, more than enough. You see that little flame will grow."
"It will?"
"Yes. First it will fill her heart, then it will light her eyes, then it will make her rise up off the ground and then she will shine."
"Yes, like Him himself."
"That brightly? Really?"
"Oh, yes. He loves to make His children shining lights!"

Artwork: Dawn of Hope (c) Daniel Gerhartz