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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inspired Imaginings

It is time to dream, kindle the fire in the heart, light up the imagination! God is quite creative . . . and so are we. He made us thus. He made us to be dreamers; thinkers who think larger than any box.

From out of a soul filled with grace and peace the dreaming comes, the inspired imaginings, the prophetic revelations. So rest and talk to Him; and think and sense and see what God sees. I guarantee it will be something bigger than you originally had planned. FAR bigger. FAR more. It will stretch you, this "more". It will challenge you. It may even make you a bit uneasy.

So rest and find that quiet place to think and pray and dream . . . for that “more” is very close.

Artwork: Fire Fancies by Arthur Hacker

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