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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inspired Imaginings

It is time to dream, kindle the fire in the heart, light up the imagination! God is quite creative . . . and so are we. He made us thus. He made us to be dreamers; thinkers who think larger than any box.

From out of a soul filled with grace and peace the dreaming comes, the inspired imaginings, the prophetic revelations. So rest and talk to Him; and think and sense and see what God sees. I guarantee it will be something bigger than you originally had planned. FAR bigger. FAR more. It will stretch you, this "more". It will challenge you. It may even make you a bit uneasy.

So rest and find that quiet place to think and pray and dream . . . for that “more” is very close.

Artwork: Fire Fancies by Arthur Hacker

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cloud of Hornets

Uh-oh . . . the hornets’ nest has been shook afresh and all those little hornets are quite angry. Peevishly so. Discomfited even, by a thing they cannot comprehend.

The gold dust bothers them. The gold dust brings offence. “The Devil! Witchcraft! Woe and Woe some more!” they cry as their religious sensibilities are brought to such discomfort—and they sting in their distress.

A storm is stirring up, a storm of angry hornets who do not understand that often God offends the mind to reach the heart. And this cloud of hornets now descends against the cloud of glory dust . . . and angels watch this strange event.

Photograph: swarming hornets, unknown

Monday, October 17, 2011

Burst of Golden Glory

It’s here . . . His glory, tangible and real, is here right now. It swirled up above our heads and exploded in a sparkling burst of golden dust, a burst of golden glory. And God laughs to see His children so excited by it, as a father does when giving gifts to all his little ones.

Some frown and shake their heads at the thought of gold dust swirling overhead. “What’s the reason for it?” they would ask. Just because, would be the rightful answer. Just because He’s God. Just because He’s good. Just because He likes to show His glory to us.

God does whatever pleases Him . . . just because He can.

Photograph: unknown

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Show Me, Please

Oh, yes, show me! I long to see it all—all the hidden things that I do not know. Is it not exciting? I get giddy thinking about it. To think that you—the God who owns the universe—actually hears my call and actually wants to show me things. Not just any-thing but unsearchable things, things that man cannot possibly ever find out without you revealing them.

Yes! Show me, please . . . I’m waiting . . . right here . . . in your presence . . .

You will show me things that only angels see. You will show me things that make me marvel at your beauty. Yes, yes, that’s what I wish to see—show me, please.

Artwork: The Awakening by Thomas Cooper Gotch

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Meant To Cut

It will cut, you know. It is meant to cut—even between joints and marrow—even dividing soul and spirit. It is that sharp. The word of God will judge the heart when we are too afraid to look too deep.

It is the other side of His word; the side that is not milk, not soft and sweet. It is quick and active and will inflict a holy pain upon the heart that needs a cleansing. But it is a good pain—a quick cutting away of foul things that want to cling.

And it pierces deep. Deep enough to find what’s hidden. Deep enough to reveal motives that no one else can see. It is alive . . . God’s breath is on this two-edged sword. Let it do its work; let it lay bare all before the eyes of Him. For you will be better for it.

Artwork: © Greg Call

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Up Through the Leafless Trees

I think the winter ends . . . soon. The songbirds feel it. Through the last few flurries they are singing: Brave, bold little voices, rising up to worship Him who made them. Yes! Sing little ones and put us all to shame.

Even in the cold you warble strong and clear. And it rises up . . . up higher still . . . up goes that song of praise. Up through the leafless trees it rings warm and true against the frigid air. You know the love of Him who made you, Him who knows when even one of you falls helpless to the ground. And so you sing!

We shall join the song, for I think that winter disappears more quickly when that sound is heard . . . I’m certain that it does . . . worship drives away the cold.

Photograph: Bird © Bob Mullen

It Feels Clean

Is it mine to wear? . . . Truly?

My rags are gone? The past is washed away? Sin is but a memory? Ahh, this is what it means to be clothed in white linen.

I like it. It feels clean. It feels wonderful. It feels new—NEW!! New-beginnings new. Yesterdays-are-gone new. Fresh-as-spring-rain new. And I did not have to buy it . . . or earn it . . . or beg for it. Shall I ever understand this love of His? I do not think so.

Artwork: St. Agnes in Prison by Frank Cadogan Cowper