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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forgotten Something?

All of us are healed! All of us are clean to the very marrow of our bones and healed are our souls from woundings deep and grievous. What joy— what clamor does this joy make!

But wait . . . have I forgotten something? In the shouting and the jubilee I nearly shamefully forgot. Oh, heart of mine, a heart so prone to wander and forget, what shall I do with you? I know what I shall do right now. I shall return, fall down at his lovely feet and cover them with tears of thankfulness. Let others have their grand parade, I must first run back to Jesus, dearest name above all names, and throw my arms around him . . . this time I shall not forget.

Artwork: Ten Lepers © James Christensen


Friday, September 17, 2010

Bursting at the Seams

Beyond this realm of earth and rock and sea that we call earth there is something that’s invisible— a realm where angels dwell, where light and sound and color fill the heavens. We get a glimpsing of it . . . just a bit . . . when skies above break open.

Do not fear the night - in darkest night His glory shines the best and brightest. Do not tremble when the darkness howls - the sound of glory shall be heard above it. All creation groans for His return and the sky is bursting! at the seams to show it.

Photograph: In the Shadows of the Stars © Greg Martin

Out There

Get in the boat! Get in the boat, I say, and go! And if the sky threatens storm? If black clouds pile up like burnt marshmallows? If the wind blows the waters wild, then what? Get in the boat and go!

He who calms the storms and brings peace upon the waters is the one who called you to it. He is the one who keeps the boat afloat after all. Do not look back to that steady pier . . . you may lose heart. Do not look back and wish to tether there again . . . that’s not the right direction.

Look out across the waters wild - and row. Your future is out there.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wind it Brings!

Autumn’s blowing in—a right good job it’s doing, too. Let it blow away the cobwebs in the attic. Let it blow away the hindrances that bind. Let it blow till hearts are fresh and worn-out memories are gone.

I love the autumn and the wind it brings! And if any walk through autumn and still deny that God exists - then they are blind. For God Himself is on the wind and thunders in the storms that autumn brings.

So blow hard against me wind, even if you carry rain, even if you bring the gray . . . I think God loves the autumn, too.

Photograph: Wind in Arms, unknown

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Fingers Long to Play

I think one day I’ll sing again. Not now. Not yet—but one day when the winter ends completely. For winters always end and spring comes leaping after.

I’ll worship Him who is the most beloved of them all. For even now my fingers long to play the notes; but it is too cold yet. There is still a stiffness in my bones that keeps me from my playing. Healing comes with spring. Healing comes upon the melting snow. And then I’ll raise a song like none has ever heard and the afflicted shall rejoice to hear it!

Artwork: Girl With a Mandolin by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Let the Toads Parade

No more kissing toads! I refuse to kiss another toad to find my prince. It’s not what God intended. A prince cannot be found that way—it is a myth, in case you didn’t know it. No toad has ever hid a prince behind its warty face.

But I have been told, you know, that this is not the case. I have been told by toads that they are really princes underneath. But no—a toad by any other name shall always be a toad, just as a snake shall always be a snake.

Father's very good and it was never His intention for his dear girls to have to kiss a line of toads to find their princes. He has a better way than this. Far better, I have heard. So I shall wait . . . and I shall let the toads parade on past.

Artwork: The Fairytale Prince © Magda Francot