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Monday, August 23, 2010

I Still Believe

I still believe in knights. I still believe that there are men out there with hearts of gold. Though you'd think that I would not. But my heart will not allow me to give up on this belief.

They still slay the dragons that they meet. They still treat their maid Marion as the treasure that she is. Their faithfulness runs deep and their heart, once given, is never taken back.

Players, rakes and gigolos are a dime a dozen—knights are rare. They must be sought amongst the weeds that grow prolific . . . but I still believe in knights.

Artwork: by Sir Frank Dicksee

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Light Within

If you journey out into the world the battles promise to be fierce. The world’s ways are not easy, are not pain free. It is dark out there and growing darker . . . but . . . you have a light. Do you not remember? There is a light within that is stronger than the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. Fan the flame of your first love for Him.

“Away fear! Fie to grief! Anger you are banished! Death to enemies once too strong for me!”

There you have it. You have not forgotten after all—He is that light.

Artwork: © Greg Call

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pages of Them

“They are written down.”
“All of them?”
“Yes, pages of them. Books could be filled there are so many.”
“And truly they are remembered?”
“Of course! Every one of them.”
“I am surprised they are of importance.”
“Oh, of great importance. They are a treasure to Him.”
“Even the small ones?”
“Even the tiniest passing word.”
“Does it matter if they are only thought on, or must they be spoken aloud?”
“Whether thinking or speaking aloud, all the words and thoughts toward Him by those who love Him are equally remembered and written down.”
“That is a marvel.”
“Yes, isn’t it? I must agree . . . it is a marvel.”

Artwork: Homage to the White Rose © Maureen Thompson

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In the Brilliance of the Flames

The desire is complete now, has conceived a dreaded sin, has given birth to full destruction. What seemed a little selfish act to him who acted, grew to be a war; for pain runs deep and retribution is a difficult thing to turn from.

The flames burned bright until finally there was nothing left but ash – and the wreckage of that which once promised to be sweet.

We rarely think ahead of our own actions to what will come of all of it. God sees the end from the beginning, but us? We see very little. Perhaps in the brilliance of the flames we will finally see more clearly.

Artwork: Chesmenskiy Battle 1848 by Ivan Aivazovsky

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Needed Golden Joy

Drink deep. Drink deep of what is called "forgiveness". Is it not sweet? Does it not rush into your soul and bring a needed golden joy? The room glows with it - and so shall your heart.

It took some time to find it, this pool of sweet elixir. But finally there you are and there you should remain until all within you feels clean . . . and glows . . . and bursts! with joy.

The pool flows from Holy Spirit. He who sins can never wash his heart clean from the memory of his doings . . . unless . . . unless he seeks this cleansing place himself.

But you, friend, have finally found it! . . . and it is good.

Artwork: Ashling © Donato Giancola