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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sometimes we need to be carried . . .

Sometimes we need those of greater strength to run to our aid, to lift us up, to bring us across the way . . .

I am so glad that they are there when that "sometimes" happens. And sometimes they are strangers filled with such a love that it pours out over us like a river overflowing. They lead us down a path that we could not have gone, alone.

I think Papa God brings such a ones to us when we most need it . . . He is a good Papa.

Artwork: Achilles and the Body of Patroclus © David Ligare


  1. A person is only a stranger for an instant, then they are a friend, enemy or somewhere in-between

  2. Hi Dave! You're right I guess. Once you meet then you're no longer strangers... :-)