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Friday, July 02, 2010

Light Has Come

Look up, dear one, for your deliverance is at hand. The chains are breaking! The doors are opening! And that which held you, bound you to your sin, is falling off. The sun shines glorious outside these bars and you shall taste of it again. Let the light expose it all - every small corner of your heart. Let nothing remain hidden. That is where your freedom lies: in the light.

And now His light has come. Look up. Stare it straight in the eyes and do not waiver. It will be painful for a time - oh, yes it will - more painful than you, perhaps, have ever known. But that is how chains are broken. And then you shall rise a different creature with a light within where once was none . . . It's time to walk out of that prison.

Artwork: Freedom by Walter Crane

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