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Monday, June 28, 2010

One Voice Missed

"So, is it a heart-ectomy she needs?"
"No, no, her heart is the one thing that she does need."
"Then what can be done?"
"It's being done already."
"It is? I see nothing happening, nothing stirring. Does her heart still beat?"
"It does; but she does not know it."
"So what is it that you say is being done?"
"Something that the eye cannot see . . ."
"Himself! That is what you mean - It's Him that does the work!"
"Yes, He himself is working on her at this very moment."
"I cannot wait to see her rise; I've missed her song."
"So have we all. The cloud of witnesses has been waiting to hear that voice again."
"Is one voice missed so much?"
"Very much."

Artwork: The Anatomist by Gabriel Cornelius Von Max

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