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Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Glimmer

"There! Did you see that?"
"What? See what?"
"Over there, there it is again. Did you not see it that time?"
"I think I did. What is it?"
"I am not certain . . . but I think . . . I think it is a glimmer."
"A glimmer? What's a glimmer?"
"A glimmer! You know . . . a tiny glimmer of hope."
"Yes, yes, I'm certain of it now. I've seen that kind of glimmer before. Quick! There's one up there! See?"
"Ahh, yes, I saw it that time. So that's what hope looks like."
"Oh, yes, that's exactly what it looks like - if you've got eyes sharp enough to see it. Not many have, you know. Not many can see a glimmer."
"I can see why. They rather sneak up on you, don't they?"
"Yes, they do."

Artwork: Fireflies © Daan Michael Hoekstra


  1. Keep a sharp lookout, you never know where you will see that glimmer.....

  2. I shall try. But sometimes they are very difficult to catch.