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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Carry Me

Now's the time I need them, now when I am hurting. They will help me walk. They will help me press on another day, another week, another leg of the journey I am on. Faith and Love shall carry me - but not mine. No indeed, not mine! Faith and Love that come from Him shall carry me. I have very little of my own, and what I have cannot carry me a single foot.

He has sent these dear ones to my aid. Yet in my stumbling I do not feel worthy of it. Love, how patient you are, how un-accusing is your gaze upon me. And Faith. . . Faith, how persevering is your hand on me, how steady do you hold me up.

I don't know how people in the world get along without you two . . . I, for one, could not. Thank you, Papa God, for sending them my way. I need them dearly.

Artwork: Hinds Feet © Daniel Gerhartz


  1. I enjoyed your post. May God bless, Lloyd

  2. Thank you...I love writing this blog. Creativity is a wonderful thing God gave us.