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Friday, March 26, 2010

Off With its Head!

It's a stinking giant! That's all it is - a loud, evil, intimidating giant that has had you groveling to its demands for far too long. Rally, dear one, rally yourself and face it. God will make your stones fly true and hit hard. Just ask Him.

Off with its head! Silence its bellowing voice forever! Are you not tired of its demands, this giant that pounds upon you whenever it wishes? It has stomped through your life for many years now. It shouts . . . and you bow. It commands . . . and you capitulate. It threatens . . . and you tremble.

Off with its head, I say! It is just a stinking giant.

Artwork: David by Caravaggio

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Carry Me

Now's the time I need them, now when I am hurting. They will help me walk. They will help me press on another day, another week, another leg of the journey I am on. Faith and Love shall carry me - but not mine. No indeed, not mine! Faith and Love that come from Him shall carry me. I have very little of my own, and what I have cannot carry me a single foot.

He has sent these dear ones to my aid. Yet in my stumbling I do not feel worthy of it. Love, how patient you are, how un-accusing is your gaze upon me. And Faith. . . Faith, how persevering is your hand on me, how steady do you hold me up.

I don't know how people in the world get along without you two . . . I, for one, could not. Thank you, Papa God, for sending them my way. I need them dearly.

Artwork: Hinds Feet © Daniel Gerhartz