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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Little Bird in Love

My heart sings loud like a little bird in love. It sings along with all creation, and my small voice, my one fragrant gift, rises up to heaven to His ears. It is a song for which He died to hear. I am not consequential in this grand world of men’s affairs, but it doesn’t matter. This tiny bird bears a great love in her breast which all the world could not contain.

Oh, such a love makes me dance! It makes me pluck the flowers and heap them at His feet! I may only hop about on two small feet in my own funny, awkward form of praise—but I shall whirl and hop about with all my heart!

. . . the little birds of the world are the ones who fill the heavens with song. So keep singing little birds.

Artwork: The Engagement © Cassandra Christensen Barney


  1. That was pretty. :)

  2. Thank you!. We little birds must stick together...

  3. This is great. Your blog is really nice.

    Praise be to God!!


  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Not many have the courage to dig so deep beneath the surface of things that they could be permanently branded by a fire that is all-consuming.

    To pursue this forbidden knowledge you have to dig and search to find that Jesus was not an actual person. It turns out there is no evidence that Jesus ever even existed. It turns out that all religion is but a question about the Universe without the measurement of Science.

  5. Actually you haven't done much research if you come to that conclusion. Jesus was written about my Roman historians of his day. And when it comes to religion, ALL religious systems are of men's creation, even the institutional christian system. Following Jesus is all about relationship, not religion.

  6. Stacey, read some of your thoughts and I like them even if some disturb. Jesus was, is, real and is everything. Well answered. Found your blog by following next blog, mine is 'beauties of creation'. And yes Les Miserables is great, the story of law and grace. Dave.

  7. Following on what Anonymous said... there is actually very very weak historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Of the hundreds of historians alive at or around that time only four have relevance to discussions. Three mention a jewish leader entitled The Chrestus and one has been proven a forgery.
    That aside though I am pleased to have found these writings you have here, they are extremely beautiful.
    Beautiful enough to make the religious content not seem aggressive to me. I myself am an atheist, and sadly I often find myself unwillingly caught up amidst all this idiotic fighting that seems to be going on nowadays between religious and nonreligious people about science and spirituality. It escalates to a point where I think people from either side start getting pushed of track onto extremism out of mere frustration. I see christians devalorizing science and rationality and atheists devalorizing spirituality. It's really quiet sad! People should be able to respect each other and stop being so pushy and picky.

    Being an atheist I've always said (creating sometimes a lot of confusion), but with all my heart, that I am a spiritual person. And although I am a little bird that dances wildly, I do not dance for Him, for I do not acknowledge there is a Him, but I dance for the wind and the stars and the flowers and the infinity and the overwhelming immenseness of the everything. And I can assure I dance with as much soul as any religious person!

  8. I hear what you say, Lidia. But the wind and stars cannot love you back, as He does. They are part of a beautiful creation but you cannot have a relationship with them. The immenseness of the everything makes us scientific accidents that have no meaning and no soul, but God knows you, Lidia. You are not a scientific accident to Him.

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