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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Masks, Veils, and Walls

There He is! . . . do you see Him? . . . He is beautiful. You asked me how I see Him so well for you wished to see Him also, and I told you to lift that silly veil. You thought to hide your flaws from Him, and how you thought such a thing I do not know. Nothing can be hid from Him. Not our thoughts or frailties or even dreams we hold onto secretly. With Him there is no such thing as “secretly”. Masks, veils, and walls can never hide you from Him but they will hide Him from you.

And now you've done it and you've not been disappointed. Did I not say that He was fairer than all the sons of men? Do you hear me? . . . Hello? . . . I knew that this would happen. It happens to everyone who sees Him clearly for the first time. I'll just leave you to gaze in wonder for awhile. I told you so.

Artwork: The Invocation by Lord Fredric Leighton


  1. Very nice. A good twist of the ironic and sarcastic at the end.

  2. Amazing...God gives me "words" (not like I'm divinely inspired as the apostles) but words come to me, to contemplate and pray on over a few days. The word coming to me often has been "veil." Sometimes more than one word, too. "Confidence" has also been coming to me...along with veil. And yes, "I see Him" I see Him even where some people don't dare look or where busy people never take the time to look. But then HE told us to Seek. He told us so...didn't He? :)

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