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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Storms Piled Against You

You never thought it would be like this, did you. You thought once you followed Christ it would be calm sailing here on in, gentle waves carrying you softly along, sweet birds singing and all that. But then all hell broke loose – yes, say it like it is; that is exactly what happened. Hell broke loose against you because you suddenly became one of its greatest enemies: A Christ-lover, a Jesus-follower, a cleansed-one. And hell doesn’t much like that.

The storms piled against you with a violence you were not expecting. Nasty storms. Cruel storms. Uncomfortably wet and irritating storms. One right after the other. You thought for certain you would drown . . . but you didn’t! You’re getting your sea-legs after all and I think you will do just fine.

Welcome to the good side!

Artwork: The Great Mishap © 2008 Linda Bergkvist

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  1. But from the depths of my own hell, reached down the longest of Hands. He found me in the pit of despair with my one hand reaching up. He had sent the Hound of Heaven to track me and chase me, and hunt me down, and though it hurt to be "bit" and "dragged to the ground" by this loving Hound, it hurt less than the torments of my hell.